"Just because my path is different,
doesn't mean I'm lost."

~ Gerard Abrams ~


My Story

I’ve chosen how I want to show up in this world.
I want you to choose as well.

In high school I chose the self loathing bulimia route, in my 20’s I chose the marry the wrong person and lose myself in someone else's path, I chose the, live as a victim, let life write my story for me, way; And then I said yes to me.

I chose dōTERRA essential oils, I chose the incredible business opportunity. I chose NLP, and I chose to take responsibility for my life, accountability for my actions, and to create something better every damn day; And that choice has brought so many blessings.

By making stronger choices, to show up for my daughter, to be enough, and to build a community, a business, and a life, I began to dwell in the possibilities. It’s in those possibilities I found my purpose, my passion, and my true calling.

Living in this place of choice, opportunity, and possibility, everything is brighter, more beautiful and more free.
I chose me, I chose hope, and I chose courage.
I want you to choose as well.

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